SNG Chimney Sweep 

                Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Repair  and  Wood Stoves            
                       $89 Chimney Cleaning     $99  Wood Stove Cleaning            


 SNG Chimney Sweep specializes in bringing your chimney back after a chimney fire. Below are pictures of chimneys that have not had regular chimney inspection and cleanings.

The first picture is on a chimney that has mass amounts of creosote. Creosote results from years of deposits from burning fires with out cleaning. It also can result from wood stoves without a stainless steel liner. Building code now calls for a liner to be installed on every wood stove and insert.

The second picture is from chimney that has not been cleaned in 5 years. The build up of creosote is beginning, but we were able to save it without installing a new liner.

The third picture is from a chimney that did not have a chimney cap. Years and years of rain, debris, and temperature change have resulted in cracked chimney tiles. These can not be repaired and a complete chimney liner replacement was required.

We also perform inspections on your furnace and furnace flue. This is a simple procedure done in your basement. We remove the pipe from the wall and the furnace. Then we do a visual examination of the opening at the bottom of the chimney flue as well as a thorough examination of the whole chimney flue . Carbon monoxide can be released into the home if the passage is not kept clear of debris. Below is a picture of a clogged furnace flue.

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